The dungeon master (or Le maitre du donjon in french) is a dungeon builder where you are the evil keeper of the dungeon that have to prevent heroes to get it.


Use your mouse for navigation (close to the edges it will move the camera) and arrows will move the camera too.

Select a piece of dungeon by clicking on the trap icon at the top left to open the selection menu. Clic on the trap you want to set up to finish your selection and be able to place it. Clic on the field to place it.


You have to prevent the Heroes to reach your dungeon core. For that you have to make your dungeon bigger. 

You can't change the floor of the main corridor but you can extand your dungeon by creating detours. Heroes will always prefer detours.

Each new hero that get into your dungeon will have more life and carry more gold than the previous one.

This game will have regular updates.

Gooseberry jam project.

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsInOmS, StudioQ
Made withUnity